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Project Description

Most mail servers require encrypted connections (SSL/TLS), but not all software supports SSL/TLS. SmtpProxy accepts unencrypted connections, encrypts them, and forwards them to your SMTP server. It runs as a Windows Service and supports ALL email clients. It's developed in C#/.NET4.

SmtpProxy supports GMail, Yahoo, Microsoft Live Mail/Hotmail, and Microsoft Office 365. SmtpProxy supports any and all email clients including Outlook, Firebird, Kaspersky Administration Kit, etc.

SmtpProxy supports installation on a single Windows computer for email clients on that computer only. SmtpProxy also supports installation on a Windows Server so that all computers on your network can route mail through SmtpProxy.

The SMTP Proxy Installer does not prompt for any information nor does it provide any confirmation after installation is complete.  It installs the software, registers the Windows Service, and gets to work.  See the documentation for more information.

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